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Together, We Are Making a Difference in our Communities.

…And the difference speaks volumes about who we are, what we value and the real legacy we want to leave for the next generation.

EPCA - Science: Where Can It Take You?At OMNOVA Solutions, that’s how we feel about community involvement, and it’s part of the fabric of the way we do business. Our gifts of money, time and talents help to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the communities where we work and live.

You can see the difference in education, when adults are retrained to meet the demands of the changing job market. You can feel it in health and social services as stroke survivors get the therapy they need to walk again. Like a crescendo in a symphony, the difference in the arts delights young audiences as they hear a live orchestra for the very first time. And in civic programs, the difference is reflected in the sense of self worth that teenagers get from helping to repair a home for their elderly neighbors.

OMNOVA Solutions Foundation

Our endowed Foundation serves as the primary tool for reaching out to communities. The Foundation’s highest giving priority is education because we want to help motivate our future leaders and workers to gain the desire, knowledge and work-readiness skills required for corporations like ours to succeed and maintain a competitive edge. OMNOVA Solutions Foundation grants have funded activities such as special math and science learning centers at local schools, reading programs and annual scholarships. In addition, the Foundation supports programs for economic development and activities related to improving the quality of life.

Employee Community Leadership Award and Local Sponsorships

We think it’s important to recognize OMNOVA employees who add something extra to their communities. The Employee Community Leadership Award is a grant that is presented to a non-profit organization where an employee actively volunteers. In addition, the Company makes monetary and material contributions toward school activities or other projects that help enrich community life.