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Science, Technology and Research & DevelopmentFew companies touch as many aspects of everyday living as OMNOVA Solutions. Our stunning and durable upholstery fabrics and laminates provide the finished surfaces for furniture, vehicle seating and a variety of other uses. Our innovative emulsion polymers and specialty chemicals add distinctive performance features to many of today’s essential products, such as coated paper, carpeting, disposable and durable nonwovens and textiles.

OMNOVA's acquisition of ELIOKEM in December 2010 combined two of the world's leading technology innovators into a single, integrated global specialty chemicals provider. This greatly enhances OMNOVA's ability to serve its customers through a broader global manufacturing base with locations in Europe, China, India and the United States. The products and technologies gained with the ELIOKEM acquisition enable OMNOVA to offer a wider range of solutions to customers in our core markets and increase penetration into new applications including paint and coatings, elastomeric modifiers, antioxidants, oilfield and specialty latices.

Simply put, we help customers add that extra measure of value that makes their products stand out in the marketplace.


Industry Leader

OMNOVA’s core competencies are a novel blend of the aesthetic and the practical. We design, develop and manufacture most of the products we offer, serving a global marketplace for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses.

Creativity, Vision and DesignOur brands carry strong customer recognition and a reputation for quality and service. As a result, OMNOVA enjoys leadership positions in key market categories.

Though diverse in the products we make and the markets we serve, polymer technology and creative solutions are the common threads in nearly all of our businesses. And no wonder. OMNOVA is headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, near Akron, a region recognized around the world for its polymer heritage and inventive spirit.


Proud Legacy

The OMNOVA name is fairly young, but our roots run deep. In 1999, the company was spun off from GenCorp Inc., a major technology-based manufacturer that first began operations in 1915 as The General Tire and Rubber Company. In 2013, OMNOVA Solutions had sales of $1.0 billion and currently employs 2,300 talented people across America, Europe and Asia.