PolyFox(R) Fluorochemicals


A Novel Fluorochemical.

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PolyFox(R) flurosurfactants are used in floor polishes as wetting, flow and leveling aids.
PolyFox(R) fluorochemicals are used as components in anti-reflection coatings.
PolyFox(R) fluorochemicals are used in semiconductor lithographic applications.

OMNOVA Solutions is rewriting the book on fluorochemical technology with a full line of environmentally-preferred PolyFox materials.

High performance fluorosurfactants with short perfluoroalkyl chains avoid the environmental and health concerns of conventional long perfluoroalkyl-chain chemistries - without sacrificing key performance features. Coatings formulators are finding that PolyFox products can be used in place of conventional long perfluoroalkyl-chain fluorosurfactants in a variety of aqueous, solvent-borne and UV/radiation curing applications. PolyFox fluorosurfactants can provide excellent wetting, flow and leveling for smooth, high gloss coatings while exhibiting foam volumes and lifetimes that are much lower than conventional surfactants based on long-perfluoroalkyl chains. In addition, dosage levels tend to be far below those required for silicone and hydrocarbon surfactants.

Surfactancy is not the only attribute of these versatile materials.

PolyFox fluorochemicals can be used as reactive intermediates in the formulation of acrylic, ester and urethane polymers and copolymers. Incorporating PolyFox reactive intermediates into a copolymer can provide attributes such as lowering of dielectric constants/refractive indices or lowering of the surface tension of a coating.

Just In Time

Recent concerns over traditional fluorine-based surfactants that contain or can biodegrade to materials known as PFOS or PFOA or other perfluorinated acids, and the subsequent removal of many of these products from the market, have created a need for environmentally-preferred alternatives. PolyFox fluorochemicals have been designed and developed after consultation with key governmental agencies. Regulatory approvals have been obtained from agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.K. Health and Safety Executive and Environmental Agency, METI in Japan and Environment Canada. In addition, PolyFox fluorochemicals will be REACH compliant in June 2008.

PolyFox fluorochemicals are manufactured at our facility in Mogadore, Ohio.






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