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From diapers and wipes to roofing mat and shoe covers,
OMNOVA Solutions is a recognized leader in nonwovens
application expertise and binder technology that can
provide you with the performance you need for a
competitive advantage in your disposable or non-
disposable applications.

Non-Durable Nonwovens

In disposable hygiene products, OMNOVA has
demonstrated clear technology leadership, particularly
in the demanding acquisition layer application. OMNOVA’s GenFlo® binders provide improved moisture handling while imparting superior strength and resiliency
to the nonwoven fabric.

The growing wipes and towels market has provided
OMNOVA with new frontiers for our product technology.
We have successfully developed new products for these
key segments that offer superior performance properties
with low or no formaldehyde and no residual odor

OMNOVA’s well-known Sequabond® and Sunbond®
products may be used in the manufacture of filtration
media where they can provide superior pleatability while
maintaining necessary strength and transport properties.

Durable Nonwovens

OMNOVA has also developed industry-leading technology
for durable end uses. For PET roofing mat, Sequabond and GenCryl® products combine excellent strength and thermal
dimensional stability with superior runability in your plant
setting. OMNOVA’s binder technology has been successfully
exported to Europe where we are effectively meeting the
needs of the commercial roofing market.

OMNOVA products are found in several other durable
applications, including backing for vinyl flooring, shoe
components, high loft products, boat covers and
automotive interiors and building construction products.

Application Methods

Our products are designed to be applied by a variety of
methods including saturation, print bonding, spray, kiss coat
and foam techniques, as well as beater deposition for desired
product performance.

Chemical innovations for the nonwovens market are
manufactured at facilities in Chester, South Carolina,
Mogadore, Ohio and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We can handle package, bulk truck or bulk rail shipments. For overseas customers, we ship drums, totes, goodpacks or flexitanks.









Durables and

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