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Paper Chemicals.

In a sea of magazines at the local newsstand, which one catches your eye? Chances are, you’re attracted to the glossy, vivid image of your favorite personality on the cover. Or, it just may be the rich feel of the paper that convinces you that this publication would be a joy to read. Technically speaking, you’ve been influenced by the coatings on the paper. For our customers – North American paper and paperboard mills – coatings are critical to enhancing the aesthetics and performance of papers that will be used in products such as catalogs, decorative bags and cereal boxes.

For over 50 years, OMNOVA Solutions has served the paper and paperboard industry with innovative binders and coating chemicals. We have gained a reputation for delivering a broad portfolio of products that can improve performance in the field as well as in the manufacturing environment.

OMNOVA's diverse selection of coating chemicals deliver critical performance features, such as high gloss, brightness, moisture resistance, opacity, enhanced printability and dimensional stability. This capability was recently expanded with the acquisition of our hollow plastic pigment (HPP) product line. These products are typically used in paper coatings to provide gloss and opacity. The HPP line joins OMNOVA's already robust portfolio of paper coating products, including our GenCryl Pt® high performance latexes, which have become the standard to which all paper coatings aspire, as well as our ECOkote™ bio-based polymer for base coatings and release applications.

OMNOVA's chemistries for binder applications deliver strength, stiffness, dimensional stability and resistance to moisture for a wide variety of papers and paperboards used for packaging and other end uses. Our binders help packaging maintain its integrity through extensive handling or exposure to moisture and cold temperatures, and they provide the ultimate surface for printing a strong brand message. The portfolio includes offerings that comply with FDA and related international standards for food contact.

Through first-class technical support and product development, the OMNOVA paper chemicals team works with customers to achieve the appropriate chemistry for performance and manufacturing. This includes the development of chemistries for specialty papers, which may require unique and complex performance features.

Expertise in polymerization, formulation, coater runnability and printability gives the OMNOVA technical team the insights to optimize paper coating formulations and processes. Advanced technical solutions are delivered through a state-of-the-art pilot coater facility, our technical center and world-class research and development resources. These support manufacturing at multiple facilities in North America and globally. OMNOVA's paper chemicals team is based in Mogadore, Ohio.


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