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Textile Chemicals.
Consumers Read Labels.

Wrinkle-free. Easy care. Stain or moisture resistant. Oh, and it has to look good too. These are the features consumers look for in the clothes and home furnishings they buy. They seek a soft fabric that won’t require a lot of extra care. Or they may require a durable textile that will stand up to a rugged work environment and still perform wash after wash. Our customers – the textile mills that produce these fabrics – are looking for a chemicals partner that can help deliver these features across the globe.

With more than five decades of service to the textile industry, OMNOVA Solutions is a leading global supplier of value-added finishing and coating technologies and services for cellulosic and blended woven as well as knitted fabrics.

We were one of the early pioneers in durable-press treatments and our ongoing commitment to innovation has enabled us to play a key role in the continuing evolution of wrinkle-free technology. In addition, an extensive line of other finishing systems, plus softeners, repellent/release products, and processing specialties provide for the total enhancement of high quality textile fabrics.

Versatile. Global.

OMNOVA’s emulsion polymer and specialty chemical product solutions may be tailored to meet your needs, whether the market application is apparel, home furnishings, automotive, industrial or medical.

The textile chemicals business office is located in Chester, South Carolina. Our primary manufacturing facilities for this market are in Chester and in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. OMNOVA’s office in Shanghai, China serves the Asia Pacific region, offering our textile products through qualified regional alliance manufacturing partners.

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