OMNOVA Contract Upholstery - Polyurethane Constructions

Boltaflex Polyurethane Upholsteries Raise the Bar for Texture and Softness

OMNOVA’s most luxurious performance upholstery fabrics are Boltaflex™ polyurethane (PU) constructions, which have become increasingly popular for their durable soft hand, elegant drape, luxurious feel, and environmentally preferred composition.


PUs deliver the most realistic faux leather designs with respect to hand, feel, and looks and lend themselves to a wide range of finishes and effects. They also provide excellent abrasion resistance.


The way that PU fabrics elegantly fold and drape, their lightweight composition, and their ease of stitching make them very easy to work with and expand design possibilities in exciting ways.


Boltaflex PU fabrics are very easy to clean and can withstand disinfection with a variety of hospital-grade disinfectants.


OMNOVA's newest Boltaflex PU design, Avalon, was introduced with an extremely soft construction and robust performance, making it ideal for many demanding environments including healthcare, hospitality, residential, and commercial office settings. With more than 35 on-trend colorways, Avalon can easily find a place in almost any design project.


Avalon is formulated without PVC and to comply with ROHS (2002/95) and E.U. REACH (10 June 2014). Additionally, Avalon complies with Section 108: Phthalates of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement ACT (CPSIA). 


Take a closer look at OMNOVA's faux leather PU upholsteries.  You’ll see why so many ask if these luxury upholsteries are real leather!



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