OMNOVA Contract Upholstery - Polyurethane Constructions

Polyurethane Upholstery.

The most luxurious of performance upholstery fabrics are polyurethane constructions, which are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of applications including healthcare, hospitality and contract seating due to their durable soft hand, elegant drape and luxurious feel.

Polyurethanes deliver the most realistic faux leather designs with respect to hand, feel and looks and lend themselves to a wide range of finishes and effects. They also provide excellent abrasion resistance. OMNOVA's popular urethane design, Touché, was introduced in 2007 and has quickly become a classic for project and Original Equipment Manufacturers alike. In Spring 2010, its palette was updated with fresh new colors and now includes 35 on-trend solid colors!

OMNOVA Solutions has responded to increased demand for polyurethane offering with a new brand - Pinnacle™ performance fabrics. These high performance upholstery products are non-PVC and plasticizer-free with the traditional durability and cleanability associated with urethanes. Pinnacle fabrics have been designed for a variety of interior environments, including healthcare, corporate, hospitality and other commercial applications. These products are an alternative to PVC without compromising on performance.

The latest design in the Pinnacle portfolio, Cascade, couples OMNOVA's on-trend design with its industry leading PreFixx® protective finish, making it the Company's first urethane to feature the "often imitated, but never duplicated" coating. The PreFixx coating provides resistance to chemicals and stains, making it desirable for a variety of applications, particularly for healthcare environments.

Take a look at OMNOVA's faux leather urethanes which are often mistaken for leather. When you see and feel these fabrics, you'll fall in love with polyurethane.


Did you kow that you can see all of our polyurethane contract upholstery in the OMNOVA Design Center by selecting polyurethane composition in the search menu?