Vinyl Upholstery.

When performance is a must, vinyl is the first choice for contract upholstery. There’s simply no other product that delivers the same levels of cleanability and abrasion resistance.

OMNOVA Solutions sets the standard for contract vinyl upholstery. If you think vinyl is boring, forget it! Just take a look at OMNOVA Solutions' Boltaflex® contract upholstery. These beautiful fabrics offer the performance you need, and in designs, colors and textures that will get your creative juices flowing.

Boltaflex upholstery is designed with hospitality and healthcare applications in mind, so you're sure to find a perfect choice for your interior seating. Need peaceful hues? Check. Traditional designs for the senior market? Got it. Or edgy patterns for a casino or night club? No problem.

How Does Vinyl Work for Upholstery?

Vinyl is perfect for use as a contract upholstery fabric if it's constructed in a manner that provides a soft hand. This soft hand can be achieved by using high-loft knit constructions or vinyls compounded to give a soft feel.

Vinyl products are economical and offer many performance benefits that other contract fabrics cannot duplicate. These fabrics are inherently flame resistant and have great abrasion, chemical- and UV-resistance. What’s more, vinyl is highly cleanable when coated with a protective finish and can be engineered to meet most application needs.

You’ll benefit from the natural durability of Boltaflex vinyl, along with the added defense of our PreFixx coating for a unique layer of protection against abrasions, grease and grime. So your upholstery is beautiful and it stays that way day after day! That translates into lower costs from less maintenance and fewer reupholstery bills. Trust us, that will keep your boss happy!

Did you know that you can see all of our vinyl contract upholstery in the OMNOVA Design Center by selecting Vinyl Composition in the search menu?