Kitchen interior with large window area

Flat Laminates.
A Design and Performance Solution for Windows and Doors.

OMNOVA Solutions introduces a new line of Flat Laminates designed specifically for the interior door and window profile market. The line consists of four stock woodgrain patterns that are carefully designed and crafted for a realistic, natural appearance that compliments today’s interior woods and wood products. Their long-lasting durability, proven performance and comparative lower cost make them a welcome alternative to natural woods.

A two-ply PVC construction provides both long-lasting beauty and durability. The pattern is printed on the bottom layer, while a top layer protects the printed pattern from everyday wear and tear.

Flat Laminate 831930 Natural Oak Flat Laminate 831910 Hillside Oak Flat Laminate 831920 Cavalier Oak Flat Laminate 831940 Colonial Cherry


Natural Oak

7 mil (0.007")



Hillside Oak

7 mil (0.007")



Cavalier Oak

7 mil (0.007")



Colonial Cherry

7 mil (0.007")



A two-ply PVC construction provides maximum water holdout. Plus, the transparent top layer protects the pattern imprint against everyday wear and tear, while also providing an additional level of abrasion and scratch resistance for a longer-lasting appearance.

Natural Appearance.
Patterns are carefully designed and crafted for a realistic and natural woodgrain appearance to provide a low-cost alternative to natural wood products.

Easy Maintenance.
No special care required. Easy clean-up with just soap and water.

Quality Craftsmanship.
Superior print fidelity is possible through an online print registration system. Automated ink mixing and dispensing system enables color consistency from lot to lot.

Quick Availability.
Four woodgrain patterns are maintained as STOCK items for immediate shipment – typically within two business days. An expanded selection of custom patterns can also be produced and shipped in as little as four weeks. An alternative to the long leadtimes associated with off-shore sourcing, our domestic manufacturing can help shorten product development cycle times.


Interior Door and Window Profiles

Though our laminates can be used in many applications, all laminates are sold with the understanding that customers will make their own independent determination whether a particular laminate has the durability and other performance attributes required for the specific end use laminate application – not all laminates are suitable for all applications.