Paper Laminates.
Custom Grades.

OMNOVA's Paper Laminates can be custom specified with a choice of paper substrates, coatings and gloss levels. The choice of paper grade can affect the appearance and/or the functional performance of the finished Paper Laminate. An understanding of the attributes of each of OMNOVA’s papers can help you make an informed selection.

Please Note:
Unless noted otherwise, all papers are white in color in their original, pre-printed state.

60 and 80 gram PIP Grade
For special applications, our series of Pre-Impregnated Papers (PIP) feature an infused, functional resin that provides greater durability and strength to meet special end-use applications. The higher basis weight yields a more opaque paper. Especially good at masking unsightly, discolored or slightly uneven substrate surfaces. Both are available in white, especially — a surface color that is especially suited for printing light colors and patterns. In additiona, the 60 gram paper is also available in an optional brown or black.

45 gram Wrapping Grade
A heavier gauge paper that is recommended when the application calls for profile wrapping to convex or concave surfaces such as molded edges.
Please Note :
Product can only wrap across a single dimension. For multi-dimensional surfaces, OMNOVA offers our 3D Laminates and surf(x)® 3D Laminates.

30 gram High Opacity
As its name suggests, features a highly opaque surface. Well suited for printing light-colored patterns and hiding unsightly or discolored substrate surfaces.

30 gram Industrial Grade
Same weight as above, but features a refined fiber content. Well suited for post lamination machining, because it provides a smooth, clean edge when cut or routered.

30 gram Standard Grade
A basic workhorse paper. Well suited for application to most flat substrates. Provides good opacity. Not recommended for profile wrapping – use 45 gram Wrapping Grade paper (described above).

Our Paper Laminates can also be specified with a choice of several custom Paper Coatings which can also affect performance and appearance.