Interior Vinyl Marine Upholster

Interior Vinyl Upholstery.
Supple. Strong. Steadfast.

For the durability demanded by marine applications, OMNOVA Solutions' vinyl is a perfect interior fabric because it's beautiful, durable and constructed in a manner that provides a soft hand.

Nautolex® vinyl upholstery offers a soft hand by using nonwoven constructions, high-loft knit constructions, or vinyls compounded to give a soft feel. Which vinyl is right for the job? That depends on many factors, including cost, coordinating the design with the boat’s exterior products, and whether a nonwoven or an expanded product is desired based on your preferences or manufacturing requirements.

Best of all, vinyl products are economical and offer many performance benefits that other fabrics cannot duplicate. Vinyl products have great abrasion, chemical and UV resistance. They are also very cleanable when used with proper top coat and can be engineered to meet most applications' needs.

Ultimate durability and performance

When you specify Nautolex upholstery, you’re protected by more than just a quality product. You’ll also benefit from the natural durability of our vinyl, along with the added defense of our exclusive PreFixx® coating for an added layer of protection against abrasions, grease, and grime.

PreFixx protective coating makes cleanup extremely easy. Everyday dirt and smudges just wipe off with mild soap and water. Even the toughest stains, like ink, grease, and mustard can be wiped away without harming the upholstery when following the recommended three-step cleaning process.

Add it up and it makes perfect sea-worthy sense. Comfort, durability, longevity and stain resistance. You can relax and enjoy the performance of Nautolex upholstery products.


Nautolex(R) Marine OEM Upholstery