Business Units

Business Units

OMNOVA is an innovator of emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals and engineered surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses. Our products provide a variety of important functional and aesthetic benefits to hundreds of products that people use daily.

We utilize strategically-located manufacturing, technical and other facilities in North America, Europe, China, and Thailand to service a broad customer base. The Company has two business segments: Specialty Solutions, which is focused on the Company's higher growth specialty businesses, and Performance Materials, which is focused on the Company’s more mature businesses.

Specialty Solutions

The Specialty Solutions segment develops, designs, produces and markets a broad line of specialty polymers for use in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, nonwovens, and oil & gas products, as well as laminates and films. These products are used in numerous applications, including architectural and industrial coatings; nonwovens used in hygiene products, filtration and construction; drilling additives for oil and gas exploration and production; elastomeric modification of plastic casings and hoses used in household and industrial products and automobiles; tapes and adhesives; sports surfaces; textile finishes; commercial building refurbishment; new construction; residential cabinets; flooring; ceiling tile; furnishings; manufactured housing; health care patient and common area furniture; and a variety of industrial films applications.

Performance Materials

Performance Materials' custom-formulated products are tailored latexes, resins, binders, antioxidants, hollow plastic pigment, coated fabrics, and rubber reinforcing which are used in tire cord, polymer stabilization, industrial rubbers, carpet binders, paper coatings, and various other applications. Its products provide a variety of functional properties to enhance strength, adhesion, dimensional stability, ultraviolet resistance, improved processibility, and enhanced appearance.

The Coated Fabrics product line applications include upholstery used in refurbishment and new construction for the commercial office, hospitality, health care, retail, education and restaurant markets, marine and transportation seating, commercial and residential furniture, automotive soft tops, and automotive aftermarket applications.