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Biocompatibility Certifications for Upholstery

First Do No Harm…

Surfaces coming into contact with human skin sometimes can cause irritation.  Such reactions are dependent on the makeup of the surface material and on the characteristics of the human in contact (e.g. allergies and sensitivities).

Irritation by skin contact with upholstery is rare, but can be problematic, especially in medical settings.  That’s why the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized a certification standard for material that has been tested and shown to not cause irritation.

ISO 10993-13 Certification

This certification standard is called “ISO 10993-10: Tests for Irritation and Skin Sensitization.”  It evaluates the potential of a tested item to cause skin irritation and delayed dermal contact sensitization.  Skin irritation manifests as redness and swelling, and sometimes can be accompanied by heat and pain. Delayed dermal contact sensitization is similar in that irritation is the result but only after repeated contact or continuous prolonged contact. 

OMNOVA coated fabric upholsteries using PreFixx protective finish tested have been certified under ISO 10993-10 to confirm that they do not cause irritation or delayed sensitivity. This certification means that designers, equipment manufacturers and facility managers can confidently use OMNOVA upholstery with PreFixx, knowing they are making a safer choice for people coming in contact with the covered surfaces. This includes exam tables, patient chairs, lounge sofas, or other seating in hospitals, clinics, universities, hospitality and restaurants.

Additional Protection with PreFixx

Additionally, PreFixx has been engineered for chemical resistance to stains from many common disinfecting agents used in healthcare environments. Many leading cleaners and disinfectants can be safely used without risk of discoloration or damage to the upholstery when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed.

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