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CoolComfort, the newest technology from OMNOVA, the industry leader in innovative solutions for your distinct upholstery needs. Recognized for providing fabrics that offer superior cleanability, high abrasion resistance and remarkable aesthetics, OMNOVA leads the way with the most cost-effective option for seating upholstery cooling with our new CoolComfort technology.

CoolComfort technology was developed out of a desire to deliver a supreme, comfortable seating experience. Customers now have the option to add CoolComfort technology to our reliable upholstery offerings they know and trust, as an easy upgrade. With CoolComfort, upholstery temperatures are measurably cooler to the touch and will make sitting in sunlight enjoyable and safe. Give your customers peace of mind and stay ahead of the competition with our CoolComfort technology upgrade!

How Does CoolComfort Technology Work?

Utilizing a change in the pigment, CoolComfort technology allows heat and light to reflect more optimally off of seating upholstery creating up to a 15-degree Fahrenheit cooler seating experience. This technology can be added as a $2.00 per yard upgrade to OMNOVA’s broad portfolio of marine and transportation vinyl upholstery with a 500-yard minimum.

Learn more about OMNOVA’s CoolComfort technology by downloading our brochure below.

Download CoolComfort Brochure