Business Units

Two Business Units

Though diverse in the products we make and the markets we serve, using polymer science to develop innovative solutions are common threads across both of OMNOVA’s business units. 

Performance Chemicals

Our Performance Chemicals business comprises about 75% of Company sales. Our emulsion polymers and specialty chemicals are key ingredients in products for a wide variety of end uses including architectural and industrial coatings; nonwovens used in hygiene products, filtration and construction; drilling additives for oil and gas exploration and production; elastomeric modification of plastic casings and hoses used in household and industrial products and automobiles; floor polishes and sealers; tire cord and other fabric reinforced rubber goods; molded rubber components; tapes and adhesives; sports surfaces; textile finishes; carpet backing; coated paper and packaging; and the list goes on.   

The performance features of end use products that incorporate our chemicals include stain, rust and aging resistance; surface modification; gloss; softness or hardness; dimensional stability; high heat and pressure tolerance; binding and barrier (e.g. moisture, oil) properties, and others

Engineered Surfaces

Our Engineered Surfaces business comprises the remaining 25% of Company sales. Our laminates, coated fabrics and films are primarily rolled goods (and occasionally sheets) of vinyl, polyurethane or paper. Superior durability, cleanability, stain and chip resistance, and design flexibility are hallmarks of these products.  

Our laminates portfolio features realistic woodgrains, faux marbles and granites, contemporary patterns and solids, available in a variety of textures, colors, and surface decorative and protective finishes. Lamination of our products to various substrates is faster and easier than other processes such as high pressure lamination. Our 3D offerings allow for rounded profiles, eliminating the need for edge-banding and T-molding. A sampling of end uses include fixtures and displays for retail, hospitality and food service; kitchen and bath cabinetry; case goods; recreational vehicle and manufactured housing interiors; and flooring – including the luxury vinyl tiles that are so popular today. In this example, our performance films play a key functional role in providing a long-lasting protective layer.

Our coated fabrics are primarily used in seating and often mistaken for leather. They provide an excellent alternative to textile upholsteries, which are costly and difficult to clean. Major and emerging automotive OEMs in Asia are increasingly depending on OMNOVA’s coated fabrics to upgrade the quality of their seating. In fact, our products are used across the global transportation sector in mass transit trains and buses, heavy duty trucks and boats. Healthcare and food service seating are also important markets.