Grant Categories

Education First.

Education is the OMNOVA Solutions Foundation's highest priority. Grants are provided to support:

    K thru 12 schools, to address specific improvements and opportunities in reading and economic literacy, and math and science

    School-to-work readiness

    Initiatives that encourage professional development for teachers

    Parental involvement

    Adult literacy

Health and Welfare

The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation recognizes United Way as the most meaningful, cost-effective way to support most health and human service organizations. Support is also provided to:

    Selected disaster relief programs

    Special projects by human service organizations focused on education or health and supportive of clearly defined community needs

    Hospitals, in limited, targeted and pro-active ways


Foundation support extends to civic projects that address important issues designed to improve the quality of life in communities where OMNOVA employees work and live. These include:

    Select urban renewal projects, working collaboratively with community leaders and organizations

    Programs that address drug and crime prevention and safety issues

    Select projects which promote community awareness of key issues and community educational opportunities

Arts and Culture

The Foundation provides limited support to arts and cultural institutions and activities that offer opportunities to enrich the quality of life for employees and communities, including:

    Organizations and programs that promote cultural diversity

    Performances and events that broaden awareness and appreciation for the arts


OMNOVA Solutions Foundation does not support:

    Individuals, private foundations, fraternal, social, labor or veterans organizations

    Organizations that discriminate because of race, color, creed or national origin

    Political parties, candidates or lobbying activities

    Organizations and programs that might pose a potential conflict of interest for OMNOVA

    Courtesy advertising, benefits, raffle tickets and other fund raising events involving purchases of tables, tickets or advertisements

    Houses of worship

See the 2018 Foundation Annual report for highlights of the year's recipients and a breakdown of fund distribution, or watch the videos below.