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General Product Information

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Product Selection Considerations
Though our laminates can be used in many applications, all laminates are sold with the understanding that customers will make their own independent determination whether a particular laminate has the durability and other performance attributes required for the specific end use laminate application – not all laminates are suitable for all applications.

Application Information

Fabrication Process

  • Flat Lamination
  • Membrane Press
  • Miter Foldable


  • MDF
  • Particle Board
  • Plastic

Physical Specifications

Gauge or Weight:12 mil (0.012″)

Flame, Smoke & Toxicity

Performance Features

Portfolio: surf(x) 3D Laminates Galena Silver - surf(x) 3D Laminates - OMNOVA

Design: Galena Silver

SKU: 543588

Large-scale white marble with distinct tactile diagonal veining.

Galena Silver is a large-scale white marble with distinct tactile diagonal veining. This design can be membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed to contoured surface profiles, eliminating the need for T-molding, edgebanding, visible seams, and special edge treatments. As a surf(x) 3D Laminate, it features our highest level of durability. Referenced SKU is for 250 LY roll. Also available in a 50 LY roll.

A.C.T. Performance Guidelines


Interior Surfaces


Recreational Vehicles

Processing Methods

Flat Lamination
Membrane Press
Miter Foldable