Construction & Architecture

The construction and architecture market is the beneficiary of a number of OMNOVA’s core competencies. Our additives for paints, masonry coatings, sealants and stains enhance the coverage, weathering and aesthetic attributes of many of the world’s best brands. Likewise, our binder technology improves the strength of gypsum wallboard, roofing tile fabrics, ceiling tile, carpeting and concrete admixtures. Various tapes and adhesives, such as painter’s tape, can utilize a combination of OMNOVA adhesives, release coatings and saturants. Other chemicals used in construction and architecture include in-mold coatings for molded doors and windows, elastomeric modifiers and antioxidants for window gaskets and other rubber and plastic components.

OMNOVA Laminates offer decorative and functional surfacing for a variety of commercial and residential end uses. OMNOVA’s Paper, 2D, 3D and surf(x) 3D Laminates are used to fabricate today’s kitchen and bath cabinet surfaces. Fabricators also can take advantage of our harmony Program, which enables them to value-engineer their products using a variety of laminate constructions featuring the same design. Our laminates also provide high aesthetic qualities for window profiles and home organization elements, and our acrylic laminates are used in the fabrication of molded bath and shower surrounds. In addition, our laminates and performance films provide on-trend style and durability to laminate and tile flooring applications.

In the commercial segment, OMNOVA Laminates are widely used for wall décor and protection, particularly within the healthcare industry. Our viewnique digital wall murals offer brand managers and interior designers the opportunity to develop a consistent brand strategy or create stunning visual set pieces.