Ceiling Tiles for Construction & Architecture

OMNOVA offers binder chemistries for gypsum-based ceiling tiles systems and durable vinyl performance films for tile surfaces. Our binders provide the desired level of strength and flexibility to gypsum substrate compositions. These chemistries also can impart resistance to moisture, yellowing and more, while enhancing the overall durability of the end use product.

OMNOVA’s rigid vinyl films can be laminated to fiberglass, gypsum and mineral fiberboard substrates for a variety of internal environments, including clean rooms, sound-proof rooms and open office systems. In addition, vinyl films are acoustically “neutral” and can be perforated to meet the specific requirements for acoustical ceiling panel applications. Our films for ceiling tile applications are available in a wide range of textures designed to enhance interior aesthetics, and their reflective properties may improve the effectiveness of interior lighting, potentially reducing energy costs.


Provide high tensile strength with the desired flexibility to gypsum-based ceiling tile substrate compositions.

Performance Films

Durable vinyl films used in the fabrication of residential and commercial ceiling tiles.