Decking for Construction & Architecture

OMNOVA manufactures a variety of products for decking and patio applications, including coating resins and additives for wood and concrete protection and staining, and performance films for slip-resistant deck surfaces. Our coating resins enhance the formulation of stains, paints, primers and sealers to provide increased water/moisture holdout, weathering resistance, advanced adhesion, UV protection, and more. These additives also improve the longevity of wood and concrete surfaces, and the application performance of the formulated coating.

Our performance films are used in the fabrication of interior and exterior decking applications, including sun, pool and roof decks. These products feature a slip-resistant, vinyl surface with highly stylized designs and textures that can be customized to meet the needs of fabricators. Our performance films for decking applications are highly durable and are resistant to fading.

Performance Films

Vinyl films for interior and exterior, slip-resistant decking applications.