Electronics & Appliances

OMNOVA products are used throughout today’s electronics and appliances. Our antioxidants and elastomeric modifiers enhance the longevity and flexibility of rubber and plastic components, including wire and cable jacketing, belts, hoses and gaskets. Our PolyFox fluorochemicals offer a wide range of performance attributes used to protect sensitive electronic surfaces and components. OMNOVA adhesives for permanent applications are used to adhere surfaces and other components, and our ultra-removable PSAs and performance films are utilized together for screen protection films used during shipment and consumer use.

Our specialty laminates, which can adhere to metal and other nontraditional substrates, are used by fabricators as an aesthetic surfacing solution for consumer and commercial electronics, such as refrigeration units and stereo equipment. These products resist marring and abrasion, and can be customized to meet specifications, including an environmentally preferred construction using a bio-based plasticizer.

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Performance Films

Clear films used for the temporary protection of electronic displays.