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Dining Seating

OMNOVA serves designers as well as seating and booth manufacturers as a comprehensive resource for durable, upholstery performance fabrics. We offer high quality contract vinyl fabrics with superior stain and abrasion resistance under our Boltaflex brand name. Many of these fabrics feature our industry leading PreFixx protective finish which imparts outstanding stain and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, PreFixx protected fabrics can be easily cleaned and disinfected without risk to the color or finish when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed, ensuring that restaurants and chain eateries can more easily maintain a clean and fresh appearance.

In addition to upholstered seating, OMNOVA's surf(x) 3D Laminates are used in the fabrication of hard seating including seat pans and bench seating. surf(x) 3D Laminates are an attractive alternative to real wood as they can be easily cleaned and disinfected without damage to the finish when following the recommended cleaning instructions. No more "sticky" seats, creating a more pleasant interior that's easy to maintain.

  • Dining Seating
  • Booth Seating


  • Vinyl coated fabrics are engineered for long term durability. Available in both expanded and non-expanded constructions. Expanded constructions feature a foamed or sponged inner layer resulting in a softer touch. Non-expanded constructions have a solid construction and are the most durable of all vinyl upholsteries.


  • Polyurethane coated fabrics feature a foamed or sponged inner layer and are the softest of synthetic upholsteries.
  • Industry's best-in-class performance protective finish for durability and easy maintenance
  • Superior stain resistance and improved wear-properties help keep upholstery looking new far longer than most other vinyl upholstery
  • State-of-the-art resistance to staining, abrasion, scuffing, burnishing and blocking have been demonstrated in repeated laboratory and field tests
  • PreFixx protected upholstery is easily maintained. Simple stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off. Many difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol without damaging the color or when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed