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Dining Surfaces & Decor

OMNOVA is a leading supplier of decorative laminates used in the fabrication of dining tables, wall systems, architectural accents and other décor used in leading branded food environments. As an NSF-Certified manufacturer, we offer a variety of 3D and surf(x) 3D Laminates that are Food Zone, Non-Food Contact and Splashzone certified. NSF Certification signifies that our certified laminates comply with specific food service standards for safety, quality or performance.

Our surf(x) 3D Laminates set the industry standard for design flexibility, performance and aesthetics. The science behind our surf(x) brand of laminates ensures that restaurant tables and seating can be easily cleaned and disinfected without worrying about damage to color or finish. It allows tables to be fabricated using surf(x) 3D Laminates, eliminating seams and edgebanding, and increasing impact and stain resistance.

To better serve the food service market, OMNOVA offers Fabrication Design Services, a complimentary design service that helps food service brands value engineer their interiors using our surf(x) 3D Laminates to enhance aesthetics while managing their costs. An example of a Fabrication Design Services success was our work with a large, global quick service restaurant (QSR) to reengineer their architectural beam system. The new miterfolded beam system is:

  • Water-resistant - eliminating damage caused by ceiling leaks
  • Lighter weight - aiding installation
  • Significantly less cost than the previous solution fabricated with traditional High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

Solutions such as this can help restaurants reengineer and embrace new design trends such as exposed beams and open architecture in a cost-effective manner.

  • Wall panel systems and wall protection
  • Tables
  • Architectural accents
  • Can be membrane pressed or vacuum-formed, eliminating the need for edgebanding 
  • No visible seams - eliminating the entry point for bacteria - simplifying cleaning and disinfecting
  • Best-in-class protection against abrasion, marring, scratching and staining
  • Enhanced impact resistance compared to High Pressure Laminates (HPL).
  • Chemical and stain resistant.
  • Will not fade, crack or peel.
  • Waterproof.
  • Enhanced aesthetics with exact color match to chair rail.
  • Over 300 stock finishes, 100 textures.
  • Impact resistant. Will not crack or peel.
  • Chemical and stain resistant. Can be cleaned and disinfected with leading chemicals without risk to color or finish when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed.
  • Membrane pressable products for seamless designs, eliminating sharp edges and entry point for bacteria.
  • Will not soften or become sticky like water-based wood lacquers.
  • Broad range of realistic woodgrain designs maintained in Stock