Hygiene Products

OMNOVA chemistries for hygiene products deliver strength and moisture handling properties to durable and non-durable nonwovens used in wipes and diapers, as well as aesthetic and viscosity properties to a wide range of toiletries. For years, we have demonstrated clear technology leadership in disposable hygiene products, particularly in the demanding acquisition layer in diapers. Our binders impart tensile strength, resiliency and moisture handling properties to adult and childhood incontinence products, as well as disposable wipes and towels used in a variety of applications. We have developed key chemistries for these segments, offering superior performance properties with low or no formaldehyde and no residual odor issues. We also produce opacifiers that deliver an opaque or pearlescent look to shampoo, soaps and lotions for healthcare and personal use.


Provide tensile strength and resilience to nonwoven fibers used in wipes and incontinence products for children and adults.