Industrial Plastics and PVC Compounds

OMNOVA offers a wide range of products that enhance and protect plastic and PVC components of industrial machinery. Our antioxidants enable these parts to resist thermal oxidation, increasing their longevity. Elastomeric modifiers impart the desired flexibility and rigidity to components requiring movement. We also offer coating additives that can be used to paint, prime and seal chassis components during the molding process. This provides an even, uniform coating while also decreasing the fabrication costs of extra processing steps and enhances the environmental profile by handling these steps within the mold. In addition, our pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology is used to adhere components to one another and to the equipment frame. These offerings can be customized to resist the harsh environmental elements of industrial work sites.

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In-Mold Coatings

For information about products for this end use application, please contact OMNOVA's Performance Chemicals team.