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Shower Surrounds

OMNOVA original design and printed Acrylic Laminates are used in the fabrication of bath and shower surrounds. With a wide selection of decorative patterns that mimic real stones and marbles, our acrylic printed laminates offer a cost-effective, quick installation and low maintenance surfacing solution without sacrificing design and aesthetic.

They can be flat laminated or thermoformed to a variety of thermo-plastic or thermoset substrates such as ABS, HIPS, PVC, PC and Polystyrene. Acrylic films are reverse printed in a variety of widths up to 92” depending on the design.

  • Finished surround is seamless and easy to clean
  • Extensive library of abstract, stone and marble patterns
  • Domestic production eliminates the hassles associated with long lead times of offshore supply
  • Custom design studio with an industry-best, fast design cycle. Digital sampling provides quick turnaround time on design approval
  • High fidelity printing offering beautiful and intricate design and color execution
  • Outstanding UV protection (non-yellowing), resistance to fade, chemicals, abrasion and detergent
  • Excellent color and gloss stability