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Kitchen and Bath

OMNOVA’s broad portfolio of 3D Laminates, 2D Laminates and Paper Laminates allows kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers to utilize different constructions to cost effectively fabricate their products. Our 3D and surf(x) 3D Laminates are used on cabinet fronts, while our 2D and Paper Laminates are used on interior and exterior surfaces.

We also offer our harmony Exclusive Program, which facilitates design and color matching across multiple OMNOVA constructions – Paper, 2D and 3D Laminates, including surf(x) 3D Laminates. This enables fabricators to value engineer their products, while delivering the same style and design throughout the cabinetry to meet functional, performance and budgetary requirements.

OMNOVA has engineered an acrylic film construction specifically for bath and shower surround systems as well as retail, and residential applications, such as fireplace surround and backsplashes. These films feature custom OMNOVA designs in woodgrains, stones and abstracts. OMNOVA acrylic printed films are laminated to acrylic, polycarbonate or ABS substrates. They are molded and formed with very little distortion to the design and/or film because of our proprietary process.