Marine Boats & Personal Watercraft

From the interior to the exterior, OMNOVA products are used throughout today’s boats and personal watercraft. For decades, OMNOVA has served the marine industry as a “one-stop shopping” resource for watercraft interior and exterior upholstery fabrics. With premier design facilities in the United States, and global technical and manufacturing capabilities, OMNOVA provides a broad offering of beautiful, high performance Nautolex marine upholstery in vinyl and polyurethane constructions. Nautolex products are available for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket distribution in a wide selection of colors and textures. Our products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor applications, including UV and mildew resistance, and low temperature flexibility (cold crack). Many Nautolex offerings feature OMNOVA’s proprietary PreFixx protective finish, which delivers outstanding resistance to staining, abrasion and scuffing. Applications include interior and exterior upholstery, flooring, boat topping, vinyl underlining and cabin headliner.

OMNOVA also offers in-mold coating additives that enable the painting, priming and sealing of chassis components during the molding process. This provides an even, uniform coating while also decreasing the fabrication costs of extra processing steps and enhancing the environmental profile by handling these steps within the mold.

Coated Fabrics

OEM and aftermarket Coated Fabrics for interior and exterior marine applications.