Nonwovens & Textiles

OMNOVA Solutions has been serving the textiles and nonwovens industries for more than 60 years! This legacy is built on one of our core competencies of specialty chemical binders. Our binders hold together the fabrics of some of the world’s most renowned brands across the durable and non-durable nonwovens segments, as well as the apparel industry. We offer chemistries for organic and synthetic fibers used to manufacture fabrics for commercial and industrial applications. These chemistries are further enhanced by our robust repellant technology, as well as our products for imparting softness and durable press characteristics to clothing and other fabrics. Products from our portfolio are also used in wipes, diapers, filters, and various other technical textiles. In addition, OMNOVA’s antioxidants and elastomeric modifiers are used in the rubber components of elastic waistbands and other stretchable materials to impart elasticity and age-resistant properties.