Oil & Gas

OMNOVA supplies specialty wellbore chemicals used in a wide range of applications, including fluid loss control and sealing, emulsifiers, lubricants, and rheological modifiers for drilling fluids. OMNOVA also offers flow control and properties enhancement in cementing, gel additives for fracking fluids, and strengthening agents. OMNOVA is committed to bringing innovation and high-value products to the oilfield through an ever-growing portfolio of additives.

With significant global engineering and product depth, as well as particular expertise in ultra-high temperature applications, OMNOVA offers advanced chemical solutions to meet the most demanding oilfield challenges around the world.

  • Customer Centric Technical Solutions – Our team is focused on customization of core chemistries to meet specific oil and gas application requirements and solve challenging problems
  • Research and Development – Our R&D resources are focused on breakthrough innovations for specialty oil and gas chemicals
  • Advanced Technology – OMNOVA’s broader technological organization provides strong support by concentrating on polymerizations, physical and chemical analyses, and process development.

OMNOVA designs unique synthetic polymers that meet conventional and unconventional drilling and completion requirements, including:

  • Solubility in a broad range of base oils for efficient fluid loss control
  • High temperature/high pressure performance
  • Sealing shales and unstable formations
  • Salt stability in high performance water based muds