Food and Beverage Packaging

OMNOVA offers a variety of chemistries engineered to enhance the strength and printing performance of food and beverage packaging. Our extensive line of coating binders impart tensile strength, as well as moisture and cold resistance for refrigerated products. We also provide a wide range of chemistries designed to enhance the printing performance of coated paperboard, providing consumer brands with heightened graphical appeal.

Our performance films and removable pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology are customized to create protective films for mobile and electronic device screens. OMNOVA performance films can be customized to meet gauge and opacity requirements, as well as to produce films for packaging or aftermarket screen protection applications. Available in varying levels of removability, our PSAs offer little to no residue and can be customized with other OMNOVA chemistries to meet specifications.

Many OMNOVA chemistries for food and beverage packaging are approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct or indirect food contact.

Coated Paperboard

Coating binders and print enhancement additives to create vibrant consumer-facing packaging.

Print Enhancers

Improve ink adhesion, provide a smooth surface for uniform printing, and deliver a high-gloss finish.


Provide temporary water resistance and promote controlled-fluid transfer for better ink and water receptivity on the coated surface.

Sizing Agents

Promote water holdout, enabling inks and toners to dry on the surface rather than being absorbed into the sheet or board.


Improve the internal lubricity of coatings, deliver a smoother coated surface for enhanced printing characteristics and increase the overall performance of the coating process.


Provide binding strength to pulp compositions and coatings formulations, as well as enhance the performance of coatings, including ink lay down, gloss and smoothness.