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RV Interior Surfaces

OMNOVA is a leading designer and manufacturer of decorative laminates and performance fabrics used in recreational vehicles (RV). From cabinets to countertops and ceilings to walls, our laminates mimic real wood and stone in a lightweight and durable fashion. Our performance fabrics are used as a durable alternative to woven textiles given the consumer long-lasting and easily cleaned passenger and dining seating.

Manufacturers take advantage of our domestic laminate production, stock programs and our industry leading make-to-order (MTO) program featuring short lead times and low minimum quantities. We strive to be easy-to-do-business-with as your supplier of choice. No other laminate supplier can match OMNOVA's breadth of designs and range of product constructions.

  • OMNOVA Product: surf(x) 3D Laminates
  • Realistic stone designs
  • Cost effective alternative to HPL products
  • Lighter weight and lower cost than stone and solid surface alternatives
  • Dimensionally flexible eliminating need for T-molding, edge-banding and visible seams 
  • No seams can simplify cleaning and improves durability
  • Long-lasting solution for countertops and dining surfaces
  • OMNOVA Product: 3D Laminates, Paper Laminates, 2D Laminates
  • Our 3D Laminates are used to fabricate door fronts
  • Paper and 2D Laminates are used for other cabinet components from sides, fronts, drawers and interior surfaces
  • Realistic woodgrains
  • Solid color options
  • OMNOVA’s harmony Exclusive Program features matching designs available in a range of constructions, so fabricators can value engineer their products using the level of performance required by the application without color variance or the complexity associated with coordinating products across suppliers. 
  • OMNOVA Product: 2D and Paper Laminates
  • Economical, decorative surface
  • Broad  design offering
  • OMNOVA Product: Acrylic Laminates for fabricating bath and shower surrounds
  • Wide selection of decorative patterns mimic real stones and marbles, yet are easier and faster to clean.
  • OMNOVA Product: Boltaflex coated fabrics 
  • Industry-leading durability and performance
  • Soft hand and tailorable
  • Many Boltaflex coated fabrics feature the industry-leading PreFixx protective finish for enhanced cleanability and durability
  • OMNOVA Product: 2D Laminates
  • Range of solid color, embossed ceiling films in 4 or 6 mil gauges that can be flat laminated to lauan board
  • Available in custom colors
  • Resistant to water leaks