OMNOVA Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of products used in retail environments and in the fabrication of store fixtures, seating, and wall and promotional graphics. Our comprehensive laminate selection provides surfacing solutions for most retail surfaces, including kiosks, counters, fixtures and three-dimensional image walls. OMNOVA offers a wide range of patterns and constructions from low-cost Paper Laminates to high-performance surf(x) 3D Laminates. Our harmony Program enables fabricators and designers to value-engineer fixtures and other components using the same design across multiple constructions for an economical, performance-driven solution. OMNOVA Laminates are also used for the print layer of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring and to create three-dimensional wall décor.

Our Boltaflex contract upholstery offerings are available in high quality vinyl and polyurethane constructions that meet today’s aesthetics while delivering much needed performance, including stain and abrasion resistance. Boltaflex products featuring OMNOVA’s proprietary PreFixx protective finish provide enhanced durability and cleanability for a more resilient solution. viewnique digital wall murals feature custom-designed imagery used to enhance interior aesthetics and reinforce brand recognition across franchises. We also offer performance films as printable substrates for temporary promotional graphics, as well as for tile flooring.

OMNOVA also supports the retail industry through the development of carpet chemistries and floor care additives. Our solutions for carpet manufacturing include binders for adhesion and tensile strength, moisture barriers for water holdout and antioxidants for enhance longevity. OMNOVA’s additives for floor care formulations heighten gloss, resist wear and burnishing, and decrease the need for multiple applications, which can reduce maintenance costs. Among our offerings for this application, we supply fully formulated floor polish concentrates and zinc-free polymers that perform like zinc-containing chemistries for an enhanced environmental profiles.