Store Fixtures

OMNOVA Laminates provide fabricators and designers with the flexibility to produce their ideal store fixtures and shelving components with performance durability, aesthetics and cost in mind. Our 3D and surf(x) 3D Laminates can be miterfolded, membrane pressed or profile wrapped to create stunning horizontal surfaces and decorative features with beautiful contoured edges. These products eliminate the need for T-molding, edge banding or specialty edge treatments, making them easier to clean. Our 2D Laminates are ideal for durable vertical surfaces and profile wrapping applications, and our Paper Laminates can be used for surfaces where minimal wear is expected. OMNOVA also offers a wide range of Specialty Laminates including radiance 2D Laminates that can be adhered to metal structures including drinking fountains and refrigeration units.

Our harmony Exclusive Program enables fabricators and designers to value engineer fixtures and other components using the same design across multiple constructions for an economical, performance-driven solution.

  • Expertise in material science to deliver critical performance and aesthetics
  • Full range of constructions from affordable Paper Laminates to high performance surf(x) 3D Laminates
  • Broad range of designs from realistic woodgrains to abstracts and solid colors
  • OMNOVA's harmony Exclusive Program allows fixture manufacturers to value-engineer their products by selecting and paying only for the performance level required for the different surfaces (horizontal, vertical, high use, low use, etc.) on a single component -- with all component surfaces printed with the same perfectly matched design
  • Complimentary design services
  • Consulting on alternative fabrication and engineering techniques
  • Opportunity to value engineer fixtures and décor to improve aesthetics while lowering total applied cost of interiors
  • Offer flexibility in design and engineering
  • Unlike HPL, you can incorporate contours and curves into the design
  • Enhanced surface durability – chip and impact resistant
  • Retail applications - countertops, fixtures, kiosks and seating
  • A smart approach to fabrication and assemble of store fixtures
  • Clean and modern look – no brown lines or exposed edges
  • Less time to fabricate and assemble
  • 30% lower acquisition cost vs HPL
  • 30-50% lower reported maintenance costs