Sports Surfaces

OMNOVA has transitioned years of experience in the development of binders and coatings for paper, tape, adhesives and construction to the sports surfaces industry. A member of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), OMNOVA is a major supplier of latex binders, acrylic top coats and antioxidants used in the construction of rubberized running tracks, walking trails and standing platforms. These products provide excellent adhesion and shear strength, UV and weather resistance, aging resistance, and water-based compositions for easy clean up. Our antioxidants may also be used in the composition of athletic mats to enhance their longevity.

OMNOVA also manufactures interior and exterior components used in the production of athletic mats. Our Coated Fabrics and Performance Films are used to create a durable, easy-to-clean surface to resist the wear and tear that comes with consistent use. Our Performance Films also can be used as a layer to provide added strength and stability.

Download our Rubberized Sports Surface Application Guide.

Athletic Mats

Coated fabrics and vinyl films used in the fabrication of athletic mat surfaces, as well as antioxidants and elastomeric modifiers to enhance their longevity and flexibility, respectively.

Coated Fabrics

Durable vinyl coated fabrics for fabrication of tumbling, gymnastic and wrestling mats. Engineered to be durable while delivering a soft hand for comfort.

Reinforcing Resins

Provide superior hardness, flexibility and cut resistance to rubber-based athletic mats.


Protect rubber and plastic-based athletic mat surfaces from thermal oxidation for enhanced longevity.

Performance Films

Flexible, rigid or semi-rigid vinyl films for use in the construction of various athletic mats.