Tires & Rubber Goods

OMNOVA produces a wide breadth of chemistries for enhancing tires, manufactured rubber goods (MRG), footwear, and rubber foam and other components. We are a recognized global leader in the manufacture of latex for tire cord and MRG fabric dipping. Our Pliocord and GenTac vinyl pyridine (VP) latices provide excellent adhesion of synthetic fabric to rubber. These products are used in conjunction with resorcinol and formaldehyde, as well as other resins to promote adhesion to nylon, rayon, polyester, aramid and glass cords used in tires and mechanical goods.

We also offer Chemigum and Sunigum reinforcing resins used to impart strength in a variety of rubber applications. These products are utilized across the transportation, construction, industrial and personal/household markets for a variety of performance attributes, such as flexibility, retention of plasticizer in PVC, modulus, soft hand, matte finish and resistance to oil, chemicals and extreme temperatures. In addition, our elastomeric modifiers and antioxidants enhance the flexibility and longevity of rubber goods, respectively.

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Cable, Hoses, and Belts Production

Reinforcing resins, elastomeric modifiers, antioxidants and adhesives to enhance the performance of manufactured rubber goods (MRG).

Elastomeric Modifiers for Cable, Hose and Belt Production

Adhesives for Cable, Hose & Belt Production

Antioxidants for Cable, Hose & Belt Production

Reinforcing Resins for Cable, Hose & Belt Production

Rubber Foam

Antioxidants and reinforcing resins to enhance the strength, flexibility and longevity of rubber foam used in athletic mats and other applications.


Vinyl pyridine (VP) latex for tire cord adhesion, as well as reinforcing resins, elastomeric modifiers and antioxidants to enhance rubber performance.

Adhesives for Tires

Antioxidants for Tires

Reinforcing Resins for Tires