OMNOVA Solutions supports the transportation industry in many different ways. Our chemicals provide economical in-mold coating solutions that deliver uniform paint/primer coverage and protection to body components of semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles. Our adhesives provide tight binding strength to tire cord, which helps to reinforce many of today’s biggest tire brands. Our reinforcing resins and antioxidants provide many protective feature to tires, gaskets, hoses, and other rubber and plastic components used across the transportation industry. These attributes include resistance to aging, solvents, oils, water and more. Our elastomeric modifiers deliver the desired level of flexibility to rubber used in a variety of applications.

OMNOVA’s global Coated Fabrics business delivers a strong value proposition to manufacturers of seating for mass transit systems and school buses. We’ve developed upholstery constructions designed to meet the specific requirements of these industries, including flame resistance, VOC content, durability and cleanability. On top of that, we offer a robust design portfolio and customization options to provide manufacturers with the look and texture their customers are seeking. OMNOVA also produces a variety of coated fabrics for motorcycles and scooters, as well as the global automotive OEM and aftermarket segments.