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Motorcycles and Scooters

OMNOVA produces faux leather vinyl upholstery for exterior use on the top motorcycle and scooter brands around the world. OMNOVA Coated Fabrics Materials have long recorded served global motorcycle manufacturers.  With solid experience in the industry, OMNOVA can offer the best in-class PVC leather for outdoor application meeting the highest environmental standard.

Our coated fabrics materials have been developed with the latest industry requirement and used by leading motorcycle brands worldwide.

Our experienced product development teams can work closely with you to meet your requirements with the best in design and performance.

The Number One Choice for Motorcycle and Scooter Upholstery

Our products feature superior cleanability, abrasion resistance and durability when compared to other options on the market. With robust testing capabilities and quality systems in place, we ensure we meet even the strictest of requirements. Our coated fabrics are available in a wide range of designs, colors and textures, and our global laboratories support custom color and grain matching. For an even more durable and easy-to-clean surface, our upholstery products can be produced be coated with our proprietary PreFixx protective finish.