Motorcycles and Scooters

OMNOVA produces faux leather and vacuum-formed vinyl upholstery for exterior use on motorcycles and scooters. We draw from our extensive knowledge of the marine and automotive industries to develop durable, attractive and comfortable upholstery solutions engineered to meet customer specifications. OMNOVA is the number one choice in coated fabrics for leading global motorcycle manufacturers. Our products feature superior cleanability, abrasion resistance and durability when compared to some other options on the market. We also have robust testing capabilities and quality systems to ensure we meet even the most strict of requirements. Our coated fabrics are available in a wide range of designs, colors and textures, and our global laboratories support custom color and grain matching. For an even more durable and easy-to-clean surface, our upholstery products can be coated with our proprietary PreFixx protective finish.

We are a recognized global leader in the manufacture of latex for tire cord and MRG fabric dipping. Our Pliocord and GenTac vinyl pyridine (VP) latices provide excellent adhesion of synthetic fabric to rubber. These products are used in conjunction with resorcinol and formaldehyde, as well as other resins to promote adhesion to nylon, rayon, polyester, aramid and glass cords used in tires and mechanical goods. We also offer reinforcing resins, which impart attributes, such as flexibility, retention of plasticizer in PVC, modulus, soft hand, matte finish and resistance to oil, chemicals and extreme temperatures. OMNOVA's Wingstay antioxidants protect tire and rubber goods from thermal oxidation, which helps to extend the life cycle of our customers' products and reduces service life costs. Wingstay antioxidants deliver a range of direct and indirect performance attributes to end-use products, including protection from softening, hardening, brittleness and stickiness.

Seating Upholstery

OMNOVA Solutions is the leading supplier in vinyl coated fabrics for the top motorcycle brands around the world. We engineer our upholstery products to meet customer specifications, offering a collaborative process that includes custom construction and aesthetics. Our durable products are designed for superior cleanability, abrasion resistance and durability in extreme weather conditions.



Provide excellent adhesion of synthetic fabric to rubber, enhancing the mechanical stability and durability of tires and manufactured rubber goods (MRG).

Reinforcing Resins

Deliver reinforcement properties to tires and rubber goods, and impart other performance attributes, such as superior hardness, flexibility and cut resistance.