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Shining a spotlight on Jane Suchla, OMNOVA Creative Manager

"Laminate designs include pattern, color and texture. These designs are complex, and you must have an ability to visualize dimension and understand how to create layers that build to a final composition."

As Creative Manager, Jane is responsible for all new designs developed for OMNOVA Laminates and Specialty Films. Driving design development with a nearly $2M annual design budget, she has propelled the company’s portfolio to more than 300 in-stock offerings.

Assisting in executing these offerings is a team of three designers. “My designers are so talented,” said Jane. “They are creative, trend savvy and market sensible, understanding the materials we work with and how to achieve the most pleasing and stylish designs. I am so proud of them and always excited by the new ideas and designs we develop.”

Formally educated in Interior Design, Jane has worked in product design since the start of her career as a Furniture Designer then later moving into Laminates design. She continues, “It really is quite a compliment, when I consider that the designs we do enhance people’s lives. When I was designing furniture, it was for pieces that lived in someone’s home, and now in laminates, I design surfaces that decorate private and public interiors. It is exciting to know that our designs are deeply personal and appreciated because they were selected to be in someone’s environment.”

Jane enjoys the daily challenge of creating something new and under her leadership, OMNOVA has become a world-class design leader. She meticulously works to find the best inspiration, raw materials, artwork and engravers to elicit fresh styling. “Laminate designs include pattern, color and texture,” said Jane. “These designs are complex, and you must have an ability to visualize dimension and understand how to create layers that build to a final composition.” Continuing, she explains, “Texture is now more important to surfaces. Creating an engaging surface, both visually and tactilely, is truly fun for me and one of my favorite parts of the design process.”

In her personal life, Jane is an avid hiker. On many weekends you will find her up before the sun shines traveling to the Blue Ridge or Smokies to put in a long day of hiking, where she finds the views regenerative. A well-practiced yogi, she also partakes in many other activities, including bicycling, paddle boarding and kayaking. She also follows the arts, has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys reading.

Determined to always meet customer and market needs while exceeding expectations, creating and delivering distinguished, relevant and fresh designs is what continues to get Jane out of bed today, tomorrow and beyond.

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