Nonwovens Tribute Technology Platform

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Our Nonwovens Tribute Technology Platform Combines Forces of Specialty Polymers

Nonwovens are now powerfully customizable. The Tribute Technology Platform is ideal for use on Polypropylene, Polyester, PLA, and multi-fiber component substrates, and facilitates the substitution or rebalancing of substrate components. By simplifying the production process and enabling differentiated features, the Tribute Technology Platform helps deliver a cost-effective and environmentally friendly product.

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  • Sunbond 140N improves wet/dry strength, helps create lint-free substrates, and provides reduced quaternary absorption.
  • Softwick SF30 provides wicking properties for improved fluid management and softness for comfort.
  • Acrygen 61192 & Acrygen 61195 improve softness, hand/feel and significantly improve abrasion resistance.
  • SoftWick SF30 imparts best in class wicking performance, excellent hydrophilicity, and significantly improves liquid absorption capacity, while adding softness.