Pliotec SC203

Pliotec SC203 has been developed to meet the need for improved performance to concrete and masonry floor coatings with <50 g/L VOC. Exhibiting excellent exterior durability and good hot-tire pickup resistance, this self-crosslinking acrylic latex allows excellent blush resistance and adhesion to porous substrates including concrete and tile.

Pliotec SC203 can be formulated into clear concrete and tile sealers, masonry primers and pigmented floor coatings. Substrate recommendations for coatings containing Pliotec SC203 include concrete, flagstone, slate, quarry tile, pavers and other masonry.

pliotec sc203 blush resistance comparison

Pliotec SC203 has many advantages:

  • Versatility that allows use in multiple coatings applications offering protection to cementitious surfaces at low VOC

  • Forms a hard durable film preventing surfaces from peeling up or leaving bare patches under car tires

  • The coating remains clear and glossy for outstanding finish and improved aesthetics

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