Polymers for Fluid Management in Nonwovens

OMNOVA Solutions' polymers for binders and finishing treatments have the power to transform nonwovens and create enhanced characteristics and functionality.

Our technologies direct fluids within a finished product system, blocking or effectively channeling fluid through or across nonwovens fabrics. The combination of our fluid binders and treatments enhance performance and create new opportunities for our customers to differentiate their products in the marketplace.

OMNOVA serves nonwovens customers with a global network of manufacturing and technical expertise. Our advanced technologies and resources help our customers achieve their business objectives. In hygiene, filtration, construction, and automotive applications, OMNOVA's capabilities are changing the game.

Nonwovens for Fluid Management

nonwovens for automotive

Binders for liners and noise dampening and filtration and repellents for water resistance, soil release, and more.

nonwovens for building materials

Binders for enhanced strength and treatments for water resistance, soil release, and more.

nonwovens for hygiene

Nonwoven binders and finishing treatments for wipes, towels, diapers, incontinence, and feminine hygiene products.

nonwovens for filtration

Binders and repellent for enhancing the durability and performance of filtration media.