Boltaflex Heritage

Heritage, a new Boltaflex vinyl upholstery pattern formulated without any Orthophthalates, draws inspiration from a simpler, slower time. It features a hard-worn leather look and soft hand, capturing the feeling of a cherished, family leather chair that's been maintained and passed down for generations. The natural color palette ranges from deep worn black, to classic saddle tan, to all-new modern grays.

Whether used in the home, office or marine setting, Heritage is made to look great longer. Our industry leading PreFixx Protective Finish has been tested to more than 400,000 double rubs and offers exceptional stain and chemical resistance. Heritage brings a timeless look to furniture with state-of-the-art technology for excellent durability, no matter the application.

chamois heritage swatch


saddle heritage swatch


walnut heritage swatch


tobacco leaf heritage swatch

Tobacco Leaf

charcoal heritage swatch


ash gray heritage swatch

Ash Gray

smoke gray heritage swatch

Smoke Gray

shadow black heritage swatch

Shadow Black