The third edition of our INSIGHTS collection, MOVEMENT, includes three narratives: DISSONANCE, ECHO DECO, and SOUNDS OF SILENCE.

Our second narrative, ECHO DECO, tunes into a faraway ballroom where an orchestra plays, melodies of opulence past inspire refined interpretations of glamour, striking a new chord for luxury in the modern age. Featuring luxurious colors and elegant finishes of natual wood and lyrical veining of marble blended with modern metals, these designs elevate spaces in a cadence of sophistication.

To learn more about ECHO DECO and the other narratives in the MOVEMENT edition of INSIGHTS, download the Lookbook below.


Download INSIGHTS Lookbook echo deco lookbook page


Calacutta Warm City Lights Moderne Gold
Saarinen Driftwood Blush Gold LeBelle Silk
Saranac Natural Ionia Burnt Sienna Tango Silk
Saarinen Walnut Saranac Espresso Brown Jazz Silk
Ionia Dark Gray Saranac Dark Gray