The third edition of our INSIGHTS collection, MOVEMENT, includes three narratives: DISSONANCE, ECHO DECO, and SOUNDS OF SILENCE.

SOUNDS OF SILENCE, our third and final narrative in the MOVEMENT collection, acts as a touchstone for reflection and renewal; the organic, stripped down elements of earth replenish internal reserves of energy to become at one with nature. Paralyzed by the commanding silence of distant thunder, or the booming finality of an anthem's closing note, the noise of today becomes muted. In the stillness of the empty space, we find depth as the soft hum of a new beat begins again.

To learn more about SOUNDS OF SILENCE and the other narratives in the MOVEMENT edition of INSIGHTS, download the Lookbook below.

Download INSIGHTS Lookbook sounds of silence lookbook page

Matte Luxe White Imperium Highnoon Global Oak Natural
Copenhagen Alabaster Copenhagen Natural Global Oak Brown
Copenhagen Taupe Copenhagen Gray Copenhagen Umber
Imperium Moonrise Matte Luxe Black