Coated Fabrics for Marine Applications

Nautolex marine upholsteries have become a mainstay for makers of marine craft around the world. Known for proven performance and innovative colors, textures and designs, Nautolex products deliver beauty, comfort, and lasting enjoyment. 

Nautolex coated fabrics have been engineered for the most demanding outdoor environments. Nautolex UV-resistant fabrics are formulated with special pigments that offer long term performance against exposure to the sun and elements. Nautolex mildew-resistant coated fabrics are formulated with anti-microbials to resist the growth of mold and mildew.

Nautolex products include exterior boat seating upholstery, interior cabin upholstery, boat flooring, boat topping and trim components as well as outdoor furniture. Many Nautolex products offer the added protection of our high performance PreFixx protective finish. This leading protective coating provides outstanding cleanability and abrasion resistance which helps to reduce costs associated with maintenance and reupholstering.

Relevant Upholstery Designs


  • Exterior Upholstery
  • Interior Upholstery
  • Upholstery Trim
  • Boat Flooring
  • Cabin Topping
  • Headliner

PreFixx Protection

  • Industry's best-in-class performance, durability and easy maintenance.
  • Superior stain resistance and improved wear-properties help keep PreFixx protected products looking new far longer than most other vinyl upholstery.
  • State-of-the-art resistance to staining, abrasion, scuffing, burnishing and blocking have been demonstrated in repeated laboratory and field tests.
  • Easily maintained. Simple stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off. Many difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol without damaging the color or when the recommended cleaning instructions are followed.