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MAS Certified Green® Product Compliance

In a continued commitment to environmental excellence, OMNOVA takes pride in offering a wider range of MAS Certified Green® materials, not just within our coated fabrics range but also across our innovative films and laminates

This broad certification exemplifies OMNOVA’s dedication to sustainability and health in diverse applications. With our films and laminates also meeting the stringent criteria set forth by the MAS Certified Green® program, our customers can confidently select from an even larger portfolio of products that uphold the highest standards for low chemical emissions. These efforts further reinforce OMNOVA’s role as an industry leader committed to providing high-quality materials that contribute to cleaner indoor air and a healthier environment.

MAS Certified Green® Materials from OMNOVA

  • Boltaflex
  • Nautolex
  • 3D Laminates
  • Matte Luxe Laminates

About MAS Certified Green®

MAS Certified Green® is an emissions testing authority that helps companies promote low VOC emitting products while assisting consumers in identifying interior products and furnishings designed for minimized chemical emissions.

To learn more about the laminates and coated fabrics that are certified, please download the Technical Bulletin below.

MAS Certified Green® Technical Bulletin

2024 Compliance Certificates

OMNOVA Boltaflex Coated Fabrics Group 2_Seat Covering

OMNOVA Boltaflex Coated Fabrics Group 1_Seat Covering

OMNOVA Boltaflex Coated Fabrics Group 2_Wallcovering

OMNOVA Boltaflex Coated Fabrics Group 1_Wallcovering

OMNOVA 3D Laminate_Cabinet Storage

OMNOVA 3D Laminate_Wallcovering

OMNOVA 3D Laminate_Workstation Panel

OMNOVA 3D Laminate_Worksurfaces

OMNOVA 3D Matte Luxe Laminate_Cabinet Storage

OMNOVA 3D Matte Luxe Laminate_Wallcovering

OMNOVA 3D Matte Luxe Laminate_Workstation Panels

OMNOVA 3D Matte Luxe Laminate_Worksurfaces