Adhesives & Sealants

OMNOVA’s adhesive chemistries are utilized across several diverse industries and markets. Our pressure sensitive adhesives are featured in permanent or removable applications, including tape and labels, packaging and protective films, and much more. These chemistries can often be customized to meet the needs of a given application. OMNOVA’s NovaCryl pressure sensitive adhesives can be utilized with our SunCryl release coatings, and GenFlo and Acrygen saturants to develop a complete tape or label solution.

Our adhesives for tire cord provide superior bonding strength to synthetic fabrics used to maintain a tire’s integrity. We also manufacture products used in the graphic arts industry that enable inks and coatings to more easily adhere to the printing surface.

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For Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

NovaCryl pressure sensitive adhesives are available in permanent, removable and light removable chemistries for a variety of applications, including masking tape and film-based tapes, protective films for consumer electronics, promotional graphics, and packaging.