Binders are a core competency of OMNOVA, and we offer a wide range of chemistries for a variety of end use applications. Our products deliver strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, as well as moisture resistance and handling to meet desired specifications. OMNOVA binders enable packaging, moist wipes and textiles to maintain their integrity, allow carpet to remain attached to its backing, and help gypsum wallboard, rubber components and running tracks to resist the elements to which they may be exposed.

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For Nonwovens

OMNOVA offers a variety of chemistries for durable and non-durable applications, delivering dimensional stability, strength, moisture resistance, wicking properties and more.

For Roofing Mats

OMNOVA binders provide dimensional stability, strength and moisture resistance to roofing mat applications.

For Tapes and Adhesives

OMNOVA binders provide dimensional stability, strength and moisture resistance to tape and label applications.

For Gypsum Wallboard

Our binders for gypsum wallboard impart superior strength, as well as other beneficial attributes, such as moisture resistance and temperature stability and nail-pull resistance.

For Sports Surfaces

Our latex binders for the sports surfaces industry enable the adherence of rubber particles to running tracks and other surfaces. These products provide excellent adhesion and shear strength, UV and weather resistance, and a water-based composition for easy cleaning.

For Coated Paper or Board

Our binders for coated paper and paperboard deliver binding strength to pulp compositions and coatings formulations. They also enhance the performance of coatings, including ink lay down, gloss and smoothness.

Communication Papers
Packaging Paper and Board

For Graphic Arts

Our binders for graphic arts applications enhance the adhesion, leveling and drying times of inks for inkjet and rotogravure printing processes.